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Abortion Services

At PPSEV, we believe in providing women and couples with all the options when it comes to pregnancy counseling. For women and couples who have made the decision to terminate a pregnancy, we provide first trimester medication (up to 9 weeks) and surgical (in-clinic) (up to 13.6 weeks) abortions in our Virginia Beach Health Center. For women who are beyond 13.6 weeks, referrals can be made to providers in the Richmond and Washington, D.C. areas.

Virginia law requires that all patients seeking an abortion must have a consultation at least 24 hours before the actual procedure takes place. These consultation appointments are available in both of our health centers.


Surgical Abortion

Weeks of Pregnancy

Without IV Sedation

With IV Sedation

6 weeks to 13.6 weeks



Medical Abortion (Pill)

Up to 9 weeks (63 days)


Additional Fees for Blood Type (if you are RH Negative)

Rhogam Mini Dose 6-12.6 weeks (if Rh neg) $45

Rhogam Full Dose 13-13.6 weeks $110

Rhogam fees are due on procedure day

Fee Includes:

  • Consultation Visit ($150)
  • Ultrasound
  • Medications
  • Follow up Visit

**We have financial assistance for those who qualify that can reduce the cost up to 30%.